Can Running Get Rid Of Cellulite? Myths And Facts

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Can running get rid of cellulite? This is a debatable issue and people often take sides without actually going deep into the problem. Go through this post if you are interested in knowing more about running for cellulite.

To begin with, cellulite is a pale colored lumpy formation of the tissue which occurs as a result of an accumulation of fats in the body. The accumulation of cellulite typically impacts the buttocks and thighs of many women.

Cellulite might be also found in even joints of arms with a torso. While the accumulation of fats takes place, this actually pushes against the tissues which are located beneath your skin. And, they are also responsible for the white or pale color of your skin in that particular area.

Does running help you get rid of cellulite?

Formations of the cellulite generally occur in streams as well as clumps and these are a great source of embarrassment for some women. Ladies might want to do exercise to get rid of the cellulite.

Any kind of exercise could be helpful to enhance the fitness of people. The exercise actually does help in burning energy that ultimately leads to burning the fats in a body. You must remember that your body first tries to access the reserves of already available nutrition.

When the nutrition is totally exhausted, your body starts to access the fat deposits. While this comes to cellulite, many women that they are having trouble in getting rid of fats on the buttocks as well as thighs.

Hence, a nice targeted exercise that can get rid of the cellulite is actually required.

Cellulite Happens Due to Toxins in the Body: A Myth

Some of the cellulite products might claim to assist in removing the toxins as well as impurities from the body.

Neither their claims nor their efficacy about what actually causes the cellulite is assisted by science. Cellulite happens when the deposits of underlying fat start pushing through many layers of connective tissue or collagen fibers under your skin (quite often in the thigh as well as buttocks areas, but on the stomachs, arms, and some other typical trouble spots too).

Dr. Cheryl Karcher is a dermatologist in New York City. She says that the connective tissue could be actually weakened by the hormones, muscle tone as well as lack of activities, additional fats, and poor blood circulation.

But definitely, this condition is not due to the toxins, so that’s a myth.

Women Typically Suffer More Due to Cellulite than Men: A Fact

cellulite on woman's leg

Generally, women carry excess fat around the thighs and hips. They have less helping connective tissues to keep this all in place.

Dr. David McDaniel is a director of Institute for Anti-Aging. He is also an assistant professor of the clinical dermatology at Virginia Medical School. He says that in case you can think of the scaffolding outside some building which has X crosses, it is exactly what fat chambers of men have. It is estimated that almost 10 percent of men also suffer from cellulite.

With Age, Cellulite Gets Worse: A Fact

Hormones seem to perform a crucial role in the case of cellulite.

As women get older, their bodies start producing less estrogen which is a hormone that assists in keeping the smooth flow of blood vessels. A few estrogens could mean poor blood circulation that could also mean a reduction in the production of new collagen as well as the breakage of old connective tissues.

Cellulite Might Be In the Genes: A Fact

It is correct that the cellulite actually runs in families; in case your grandmother and mother had the problem of cellulite then you’ve got a good chance of also having this.

In fact, there is even the genetic test that could tell whether you have a gene variant which puts you at a high risk for the moderate to even severe cellulite. Although considering that many women would develop the cellulite in the lifetimes (also the reality that you will know this when you notice it), it isn’t exactly worth the hefty price.

In case you aren’t one of those lucky people who got smooth-skinned family members, just take heart: the genetic is a small part of cellulite puzzle. There are also other factors that perform a crucial role including diet, maintaining a healthy weight, and exercise.

Cellulite Just Occurs to Out-of-shape Women and Men: A Myth

In case you are overweight, it does make an appearance of the cellulite getting even more noticeable.

If you got more fat underneath the skin, then there is a bigger chance that it would put pressure on the connective tissues and thus bulge out the weak areas.

Shira Ein-Dor is the owner of an American Cellulite Reduction Center. She says that the cellulite also occurs in women of all sizes as well as shapes.  She also reveals that she has even treated Victoria’s Secret models. They are quite lean, they work out as well as eat well, and they do just the right things and yet they have this cellulite problem.

Therefore, this is also a myth.

Exercise Could Decrease Appearance of the Cellulite: A Fact

A normal exercise session cannot cure the cellulite.

But there are several cases when this could assist you in preventing or reducing its appearance. The cellulite happens when the connective fibers which are underneath your skin become quite weak or even lose elasticity, but strengthening as well as stretching those spots (in addition to shedding excess fats overall) could help a lot.

McDaniel says that toning and firming those muscles would actually tighten your skin. It gives an illusion that the cellulite is quite less noticeable. Running routines which target your butt and thighs could assist, and strength-training which builds the muscle and also boost blood circulation.

Running and Cardio are the Best for Decreasing All-Over Jiggle: A Myth

woman running by the beach

Can running get rid of cellulite?

Running as well as other types of the cardio could assist you in keeping the weight off which might decrease the signs of dents and dimples. But for smoothing out the skin, you have to do the strength training.

A research done by the researchers at South Shore YMCA in Massachusetts revealed that the adults who did 3 thirty-minutes aerobic workouts every week for almost 8 weeks actually lost 4 pounds, but got no muscle at all—and just slightly enhanced the body composition. They paired 15-minute of the aerobic activities with 15-minute of the strength training 3 times per week and they actually lost ten pounds of excess fat, aside from adding 2 pounds of the muscle. They saw a great improvement in the body composition. Consequently, they did look better and they’ve also lost some wiggle.

Running, Jogging, and Walking Exercises

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Walking is a great form of the exercise for getting rid of the cellulite.

This type of the exercise is quite continuous, yet it’s slow. Walking works directly on your legs, buttocks, and thighs. Over the period of time, individuals who walk daily have got shapely legs as well as the good tone of their skin. Also, the area would be quite fresh and well-nourished.

You must note that walking must be taken only before your meals because the body would run low on the nutrition and would require breaking excess fats in order to produce more energy.

Thus, walking as a regular exercise for getting rid of the cellulite must be for the long durations so your body is a little strained. Women might also try running or jogging in order to get rid of cellulite. These’re some extensions of the rule which applies to walks.

A good cellulite treatment is to lose the weight. You could actually burn up to fifteen-hundred calories in one hour just with running but it depends on the weight. The weight loss would not entirely remove the cellulite, but it is also true that you would see a prominent reduction.

You must try to be even more active for a minimum of thirty minutes a day. Alongside this, you need to follow the strength-training which includes the repetitions of eight to ten exercises two times every week. This will not prevent the cellulite but it will help in preserving the skin tone as well as texture.

Weight loss is a very good cellulite treatment. A decrease in weight, as well as the strengthening of your muscular tissues in your thighs, legs, and buttocks, could diminish the visibility of your dimpled skin.

Running on a daily basis is also an efficient technique of the cardiovascular exercise. It actually burns up to fifteen-hundred calories in one hour yet it depends on the weight.

This is crucial to note that losing the weight would not entirely remove your cellulite; rather a decrease in weight will indirectly lead to cellulite reduction.

There’s no need to run every day. But this could be decreased by running along with weight management and proper nutrition. Weight loss ultimately causes a decrease in the appearance of cellulite. It does treat the cellulite you suffer from. Running could potentially burn your calories if you run an hour every day.

Weight loss decreases the visibility of cellulite so running is a good option for you to decrease its appearance. You must also try to remain active.


If there isn’t any method for preventing the accumulation of cellulite, maintaining your body weight and being healthy, along with following a daily strength-training program, might help in preserving the skin texture as well as tone.

Guidelines from Centers for Disease Control stated that people younger than 65 must be more active for thirty minutes every day, 5 days in a week, whereas also follow some strength-training program which includes the repetitions of 8 to 10 exercises two times a week.

The key points to the beneficial anti-cellulite training programs include losing the excess body fats, firming the muscles underneath the skin, following some low-carb food diet, and also boosting the blood circulation.

The Best Tips for Decreasing the Appearance of Cellulite

Circulation and Blood Flow: You need to improve the circulation by getting different types of massage as well as doing different kinds of exercises on a daily basis. They should involve strength training with a combination of cardio. You also need to take showers which switch from the hot to cold water as this could also enhance the circulation.

healthy foodA Proper Diet: To eat a low-calorie diet that consists of the lean proteins as well as vegetables is a famous and beneficial way of losing the body fat. You must not take the sugar, sugary fruit, starches, processed foods, and alcohol. The Harvard School of Public Health has revealed that if you lower the carb intake then this would definitely aid, as foods with low glycemic content have shown to assist in weight loss.


Running and Cardio: The interval training that actually involves different intense activities is a very good way to burn the body fat.

strength training

Strength Training Sessions: Firming of the muscles underneath your skin is a good way to decrease the appearance of cellulite. It would aid in smoothing out the appearance of your skin. You need to focus on the strength-training sessions which build up hamstrings, buttocks, quads, and hips. You need to aim for the training of your lower body a couple of times a week. It would decrease your body weight with the passage of time, apart from removing the appearance of cellulite.

Among some quite effective lower-body workouts include:

  • Step-Ups: You need to step up on the fitness step or a bench and then step down. You must do these step-ups for twenty reps on both of the legs separately.
  • Lunges: Stationary lunges or walking actually targets your lower-body muscles. You need to take a large step ahead and then lower body where both knees actually form 90-degree angle. Keep the front knee over your ankle. Go back to the starting position. Do this for 30-50 reps.
  • Squats: Do squats for 50 reps. You need to keep the weight in your heels as well as the back straight. Do not allow your knees to extend past the toes.

 Bottom Line

Can running get rid of cellulite?

Yes, to some extent, it does. Running decreases fat accumulation in your body which ultimately reduces the appearance of cellulite.

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